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THC 180.0-230.0mg/gCBD 0.0-10.0mg/g




BUY THC SATIVA LANDRACE ONLINE Landrace, a 21% THC Sativa strain from THC BioMed, is bred from choice Landrace strains of Africa descent, and designed to deliver a happy, focused, energizing buzz. Medical and recreational users will appreciate the fruity, sweet-tasting flavor with a minty note. The Landrace high adds to the fun of social events, watching a show, enjoying music. Its appetite-enhancing properties may help cancer patients undergoing treatment, while the high-THC content may help others with pain management.


What is a landrace strain and what makes it unique?
How many landrace weed strains are there?
How do you know if a cannabis strain is a true landrace?
Best landrace cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion


What is a landrace strain and what makes it unique?

Landrace cannabis strains and landrace seeds have held a special place in the cannabis seed collections of old school connoisseurs and breeders. Landrace strains are the original genetic foundations of modern cannabis hybrids. They have evolved naturally over thousands (possibly millions) of years. They slowly adapted perfectly to the local environment, or terroir. This often shaped the properties and features of the various phenotypes in the landrace strains. How many cannabis landrace strains are there? It’s impossible to say, the illegality of cannabis meant that no official historical botanical records exist.

Landrace sativa strains that evolved in warm, tropical jungle environments may show different properties to landrace Indica strains which evolved to survive more hostile and barren mountainous habitats. Finally some of these genetic features are useful to modern cannabis breeders who may want to amplify certain properties in order to create a new modern hybrid.

Many original landraces strains may have a clue to their country of genetic origin in the strain name, such as Durban Poison (Durban, South Africa), Malawi Gold, Thai, Afghani Kush, Mazar etc.

How many landrace weed strains are there?

Landrace strains

Where is landrace cannabis from? All modern cannabis strains evolved from the many hundreds of original landrace strains.

This will sound disappointing to the old school purists. But the breeding work was done for good reasons.

Where to find landrace strains in the wild? Meanwhile cannabis still grows in the wild in many tropical climates and mountainous areas.

Many cannabis lovers are torn between the romantic ideal of retaining all landrace strains in their original pure genetic form and the modern desire to maximize yields, taste & potency whilst minimizing bloom times.

Is It Hard To Find Landrace Strains?

Because they are not grown on a large scale today, landrace strains can be a bit more difficult to come by. However, they do carry somewhat of a cult following, those dedicated to these original strains still carry them on the current market.

Until the world cannabis market opens up more and legalization happens on a broader scale, giving us access to direct landrace strains from various parts of the planet, there are still a few heirloom finds you can get local cannabis dispensary. If you’re truly curious to give these a try, make sure to ask your local dispensary.


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