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Buy Premium Pre-Rolls Online


Rolled to perfection with RAW pre-rolled cones and filled with 0.7g of premium quality bud, never shake

One pre-roll: $7
Three pre-rolls: $20
Five pre-rolls: $30



Buy Premium Pre-Rolls Online



Buy Premium Pre-Rolls Online Mimosa is the perfect name for this strain. Its powerful sativa effects are very uplifting and energetic. The smell is very sweet with undertones of oranges. Be careful with this strain, for its high sativa effects are not recommended for a novice.

How Are Pre-Rolled Cannabis Products Made?

Throughout the day in your average medical marijuana dispensary, Bud Tenders are moving cannabis containers back and forth.  They have to lift them out of the case or shelf to dispense a patient’s quantity.  Or fill an online order with several different strains. As the cannabis moves in containers, a percentage of it becomes crumbled, falls away, and accumulates at the container’s bottom. Dispensaries don’t like to keep containers with shake at the bottom of them. It looks a little messy, and they do not want any of the shake to go to waste. At the end of each day, one or more Bud Tenders on duty will remove the shake from the container’s bottom.  They will not mix strains, however.  Buy Premium Pre-Rolls Online. When enough shake of a specific strain has accumulated, the manufacturing or ‘back office’ of the dispensary will remove it.

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Plant Type

Pre-rolled Joints


  • Sativa


  • Cotton Mouth
  • Munchies
  • Dry/Red Eyes

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